Stone paver walkways are the most common because they are a great way to beautify your landscape.  They are perfect for accentuating entrances and other priority areas.  Paver walkways work great in gardens or other backyard planting areas.  Here are the steps we take to install top of the line paver walkways that last:


1.  First, we work with you to lay out the walkway and determine the dimensions.

2.  Next, we prep the site for installation.

3.  The third step is to install the base layer which usually consists of gravel and sand which you can purchase from a gravel supplier.

4.  After that we install the stone. Make sure to mark the steps. We don’t want anyone to fall on an unmarked step.

5.  The second to last step is securing or binding the stones in place.

6.  Finally we clean the work area so you can begin enjoying your new walkway.


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