Turf Care


— 6 or 7 Round programs that proactively combat weeds while promoting healthy, strong grass

— Additional turf pests & disease control: Brown patches, Fungus, Dollar spots, Grubs, Nematodes.

— Core Aeration service offered year round, recommended at least 2x per year.

Turf ManagementTurf Management: 

Best management practices will be implemented at all times in an effort to maintain turf health and appearance. It is recommended that turf be mowed to a 2″- 3″ height or as high as possible on a weekly/bi- weekly basis. Mowing should be done when the grass is dry to avoid spread of turf diseases. Mower blades should be maintained with sharp cutting edges to avoid excessive wounding and stress of the turf-grass.


Weed Control

Weed Control:

A lawn area that is properly managed should produce dense, thick turf-grass, which ideally will help to prevent invasive weed species from getting established. Some weed growth should be anticipated, and tolerated to some degree. Widespread applications of broadleaf herbicides will not be performed unless weed species have invaded greater than 25% of the entire turf area. Spot applications will be performed to small areas on an as needed basis.