Our Landscaping Services

At Precision Landscape Management, we offer a full range of commercial and residential landscaping services that provide expert landscape management, design, and installation support. No matter your landscape needs, our professionals have the experience and expertise to provide you with your dream landscape. Contact Us for more information about our services and to schedule an appointment with our landscape experts!

Landscape Management
Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly management services to fit your specific needs.
Landscape Installation
Upgrade your business’s curb appeal and make a great first impression on customers with a professional landscape installation.
Proper irrigation is essential to maintaining a great landscape on your property.

Design Work
From walkways to firepits and patios for hosting parties, a custom paving design can upgrade any landscape and create a functional, beautiful, and fun space for friends and family to gather.

Drainage Problems
Don’t let drainage problems ruin your landscape. Contact the experts to solve the issues and properly drain water away from your property.
Artificial Turf
Have the best yard on the block by installing artificial turf that is easy to maintain and stays green all year long!
Improve the functionality and appearance of your landscape with a professional grading job to level out the surface of your yard or create specific slopes.
Turf Care
Keep weeds under control and your lawn looking lusciously green all year round with our weed control and fertilization services.
Hydro Seeding
Through the combination of seed, mulch, fertilizer, and tackifiers, we can apply a slurry to the soil surface for seed germination and turf development.
Keep your bushes and trees healthy and looking great with our expert pruning services.
Leaf Control
Don’t let leaves control your yard. Let our professionals clear your yard of leaves to help it stay functional and beautiful 
Tree Removal
Large trees can be a major safety issue for a home, as well a major functionality issue for a landscape. Remove large trees that are close to your home to keep your property safe and to utilize your yard space, contact us to get all the details!
Core Aeration
Turf aeration perforates the soil with small holes to allow oxygen, water, and nutrients to penetrate down to the grass’ roots & alleviate soil compaction.
Hardscapes - Rock and Wood
Add some custom stonework and masonry to your landscape to create a space that is unlike any other!
Landscape Lighting
Keep your pavements and landscape well lit for safety and to help the beautiful designs stand out at night!
There are a wide variety of plants that can added to landscapes to help them become a reflection of the homeowner. Plants not only provide aesthetic benefits, but also practical benefits such as shade and bug control.
Storm Utilities
Before the next storm hits, make sure your landscape is ready to channel & divert excess water.