Management Services Summary

General Service

Mowing: All turf areas will be mowed weekly, or as needed, during the growing season. Default mowing height will not exceed 2”. Frequency of mowing will vary in the spring & fall, due to seasonal weather conditions and growth rate of turf. Safety guards will cover the discharge of all mowers and mulch kits will be used at the discretion of Contractor. Excessive clippings will always be removed from the property. Grass catchers will always be used around any windows, cars, and playgrounds. Contractor reserves the right to leave un-mown any areas that it feels would be unsafe to mow due to, but not limited to the following reasons:


Trimming: All areas inaccessible to mowing equipment will be trimmed as needed, on a routine basis, to maintain a neat, well-groomed appearance. Where practical, contractor will use approved growth regulators around fences, trees, and other obstacles that may be damaged by repeated use of string line trimmers.

Edging: Edging of walks, curbs, landscape, hardscapes etc. All edging will be done on a bi-weekly basis through the use of a steel blade edger. Edging is limited to concrete & landscape areas, in order to avoid damage to irregular asphalt, as well as flagstone, brick, wood walks, decks & Structures. Drainage ditches will not be edged unless otherwise specified. Excessive debris, resulting from edging will be removed.

Leaf Removal: All leaves will be removed from property in the late fall – early winter. Contractor reserves the right to wait until all leaves have fallen, before starting leaf removal operations. Leaves will be removed from all bed and turf areas, unless otherwise specified by the Client.

Area Police: All landscape areas will be policed, in conjunction with mowing operations, for loose trash & debris. Policing includes the removal of grass clippings from all walkways after mowing. Policing does not include the cleanup of drives & parking lots or the clean-up of areas due to vandalism, dumping, improperly contained dumpsters, acts of god etc. Items not covered under normal policing will be billed as extra.

Tree, Shrub, & Bed Management

Pruning: Contractor will be responsible for pruning of all trees & shrubs on the property, with the exception of plant material over 12 feet in height, provided the Agreement is for year-round service. Agreements for growing season only will be carried out and charged by time & materials. Plants shall be pruned in accordance with accepted industry standards. Pruning is done to promote healthy growth, prevent weak or abnormal limb structure, control unwanted leggy growth, and maintain the natural growth habit of the plant. Proper pruning practices do not include hard pruning plants into boxes, balls, fractional size, etc. These items will be billed by time & material. In order to prevent damage to trees & shrubs planted in turf areas, by mowers/trimmers, a grass-free area or guard around all trees & shrubs will be provided & maintained by Contractor, at the expense of the Owner. Contractor assumes no responsibility for damage to trees & shrubs not properly protected.

Trees & Shrubs: Contractor will monitor, on a regular basis, the health of all plant material and make necessary recommendations to the contracting officer, with respect to such items as: fertilization, insect & disease control, etc. Due to the variable and unpredictable nature of insect / disease issues, trees & shrubs treated will be charged by time and material (carried out as needed). Most treatments will be done on a curative basis. However, contractor may elect from time to time to treat potential problems on a preventative basis.

Landscape Beds: All bed areas will be kept free of weeds by means of chemical control, mechanical cultivation, and hand weeding as necessary. All bed areas will be checked on a regular basis for ground coverage. If additional ground cover is needed in bed areas, this will be brought to the attention of the management office. Natural areas are not considered bed space, and services for these areas will be an additional cost to the Owner unless otherwise specified in the service quote. 

Winter Services

Standard Service: All landscaped areas will be policed on a bi-weekly basis for loose trash & plant debris. Contractor will visit the site on a regular basis to inspect all landscape & plant material. All dormant, perennial plants will be pruned back before the start of spring. Any problems will be brought to the attention of the Owner. Contractor will be available to the Owner to aid and assist in the preparation and formulation of plans, schedules, budgets, projections, etc.

Turf Care Services

Weed Control:  Selective pre-emergent & post-emergent herbicides will be used to control annual/perennial grassy & broadleaf weeds throughout specified turf areas. Pre-emergents will be applied during the appropriate season, prior to seed germination. Pre-emergents should not be applied to newly sodded or seeded areas, as damage may occur. Post-emergents will be used to treat prevailing weeds throughout the seasons, as directed by the product’s label. Some weed growth should be anticipated, and tolerated to some degree. Widespread applications of broadleaf herbicides will not be performed unless weed species have invaded greater than 25% of the entire turf area. Spot applications will be performed to specific areas as needed basis. Application treatments shall not exceed federal & state restrictions.

Fertilization:  Fertilizers will be applied 2-3 times per year, according to the rate & frequency required by the specified turf grass. When practicable, organic fertilizers may be used, otherwise, fertilizers with 50% slow release nitrogen shall be utilized. Fertilizer applications should only be performed when turf is actively growing. Turf grass should be watered thoroughly within 12-24 hrs of any fertilizer application. Failure to adequately water after fertilization may result in turf damage. Contractor is NOT responsible for watering turf areas after applications have been made.

Disease Control:  Pesticide applications for control of turf diseases will be performed only if evidence of disease has been found and significant areas (10-15% of the total turf area) of permanent damage can be anticipated and all proper cultural practices have been employed. A certified supervisor will discuss pest control options with Owner to determine the appropriate course of action.



Management Services Agreement

Agreement: It is hereby mutually agreed and understood that by receiving and agreeing to use the services provided by the Contractor, you (the Owner) have acknowledged and approved the conditions of this Agreement. For and in consideration of the sum or sums to be paid to Contractor by the Owner, as set forth in this Agreement, Contractor will furnish all insurance, labor, permits, equipment, accessories, and materials and shall perform all work in a timely manner. Agreement automatically renews yearly with a (3%) increase every two years (24 months).

Payment:  The total payment amount of the Agreement as outlined in this statement of charges shall be divided into equal monthly payments over the term of the Agreement, unless otherwise specified. On approximately the 29th of each month Contractor will invoice the Owner for the following month. Payments are due upon receipt of invoice. Late fees will be charged at (2%) two percent per week until the payment is received in full. All billing that has aged over 90 days will be sent to collections. Billing that has aged over 60 days will result in termination of Agreement; full payment will then be charged for the Agreement at that time. Payment for any repairs shall also be made within 30 days.

Default:  In the event of default by either party, the defaulting party will be responsible for all reasonable costs incurred by the non-defaulting party in enforcement of the agreement, including attorney’s fees, court costs, and loss of time costs.

Termination: Either party may terminate this Agreement, with cause, by notice in writing at least 60 days prior to the effective termination date. If terminated, services performed, and/or materials provided become due and payable on or before date of termination. If the Owner does not provide 60 days’ notice prior to termination, the Owner is still required to pay for services, rendered or not rendered, up to 60 days.


Notices:  All notices shall be in writing and sent by United States mail.


Contractor:  Precision Landscape Management (PLM Ventures, LLC)

Owner:  The individual(s), company, or entity requesting/using/receiving the services provided by the Contractor.